Limbcare’s Garden of Hope at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Westmead House business resident and national charity Limbcare is raising money for a special garden project at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (3–8 July) that aims to deliver a message of hope to amputees and their families.

The charity is looking for donations up to £6,000 to create an inspirational garden design depicting the traumatic journey an amputee goes through, from trauma to a better quality of life. This will be called ‘THE JOURNEY GARDEN’.

Within the garden, key features of the design symbolise how the charity gives hope and security. The bridge over the pebble stream represents the amputee reaching out to the charity and receiving a helping hand. One seating area provides a communal space to share and another seat is an intimate space to get away. The planting is designed to offer a breathing space away from the clinical environment, a human, calming space where the power of nature to heal is manifest.

Limbcare founder, Ray Edwards MBE says, “The Limbcare Garden stands out because it brings a message of hope to amputees and their families who have the huge challenge of accepting a dramatically changed life. The garden will symbolise how the charity offers a sense of hope in the healing process with “the verve of nature showing great resilience, growth and adaptability to the amputee”.

Ray founded the charity in 1987 after he became an amputee himself as a result of septicaemia. The challenges he has faced and overcome are the inspiration behind the garden. Ray has dedicated his life to offering other amputees (and their families – all too often forgotten in the rehabilitation process) hope and support.

If you are planning to visit the Hampton Court Flower Show on 3-8 July, you can visit the Limbcare Garden to show your support.

For further information, visit their website 

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